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Frequent questions

  • What is Instaplanner?

    Is a system creating for Instagram accounts where do you can increase your followers, schedule post and answer message by auto response

  • Can I get real followers?

    Yes, the followers you get are according to your type of business, interest and target audience.

  • How does auto response directs work?

    When some person sends you a message for directs, you program an auto response that will be sent automatically to the user.

  • Does the system unfollow too?

    SYes, to decrease your Instagram followers, you need to write your account name.

  • Can I talk with support team?

    Yes, you can contact us by email. If your account manager needs to contact you by phone, they will let you now.

  • How do I register my Instagram account on Instaplanner app? What should I do if I can’t register some account?

    When you are in the step to add your account, you need to write the name of your user, the password and log in directly from the website or Instagram app.

    If you can’t add your account on Instaplanner, please contact us and we will be supporting you,

  • Should I download some software?

    yes, you have to download a platform to use on your pc/laptop.

  • Who are the creators of this platform?

    DIMARK Company Group. Also creators of INSTAGRAMER, if you want to know about it please find it the website www.instagramer.co GIFNESS, if you want to know about it please find it the website www.gifness.net

  • Is possibly get more real followers?

    Yes, if you need increase more followers visit our website www.instagramer.us or send an email info@instagramer.us and they will be contacting you.

  • Is it necessary to type my password on this platform?

    To use our services on Instaplanner you should have log in with your account and password. We have a data restriction policy that prohibits our work team or other users from accessing your information.

  • When I select my objective market between hashtags, locations or users, what accounts or users can I choose?

    When choosing a user to interact with his followers, you will not be able to select accounts that are private, accounts that you have blocked or they blocked you.

  • When auto response service is active, how often do you respond to the message from users?

    The system is responding in a range between 1 and 10 minutes.

  • How many followers can I have based on Instagram politics and how many is allowed by Instaplanner?

    According to Instagram the maximum allowed is 7.500, on Instaplanner is 5,500; If you are above this number, the system will ask you to write the name of your account for decrease your followings.

  • When I choose my target, the system starts immediately?

    No, the systems start at certain time scheduled by the team work. However, you can be sure that the system works every day as long as the function is active.

  • Is it safe to use this type of service?

    100% safe, we work on the limits and conditions that Instagram has in this activity.

  • Can I have support in every moment that I need?

    Yes, you can contact us in every moment.

  • Can I subscribe in some service monthly?

    Yes, you need to select your plan and check the option subscription.

  • What happens if I change the password or the username of my Instagram account?

    By changing the password, the system stops immediately and you must provide us with the new information to continue with the service.

  • Can I log in to different devices?

    We recommend that you do not make different configurations at the same time on different devices, and that way we can guarantee the best performance.

  • How should the service activation or the management of the platform be?

    Users are recommended to use the platform daily from their computer, INSTAPLANNER works for 12 hours a day from the program's opening, and the user must remain with the program open on their computer if they want it to interact all the time. After opening the program, the system will begin to interact 30 minutes after its opening (it is recommended to configure the activity of the services immediately)

  • How is the platform interaction?

    Due to Instagram requirements and conditions, the platform must randomly use each service; that is, sometimes it sends requests to follow, it watches stories or it sends messages preconfigured by the client.